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Keep in Touch

with customers, clients, business associates, staff and club members.
Send news, articles, images or files.

Marketing & Promotion

Promote new products, sales & events.
Attract new customers online.
Entice repeat customers back.

Multiple Subscription Options

Readers can subscribe by Email or RSS
News also published online, blog style
Great for search engines & readers

Blogs the new Email Newsletters

Readers can subscribe themselves
One click unsubscribe
Automatic mailing list management

Add images and files

Attach images and files to any post eg. PDF or Word Documents.

Quick Setup

Get up and running in about 2 minutes.
Put a subscribe form on your existing website.

Mailing List Import & Export

Import & Export your email mailing list.
Invite users to subscribe.
Manually edit your mailing list.

Target your Audience

Send news to specific categories of people eg. Customers or Staff.

Private or Public

Password protect your whole blog.
Send news to private categories.
Manage members in private categories.

Templates & Logo

Upload your logo.
Choose from 2 professional templates.
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